Friday, December 13, 2013

I am a Cowgirl. I am a Shepherd.

Greetings!  And welcome to Cowgirl Shepherd!

I am a northwest native with a passion for animals.  I grew up the granddaughter of local dairy farmers who fostered my love of all God's creatures.  They let me ride on the backs of their Guernsey cows, and later bought me my first horse.

As an adult, that love has not waned.  I'm still in the saddle, and while the dairy farm is but a distant memory in all our minds, I did dabble with dairy sheep (yes, you can milk sheep!)  Since I have my camera with me nearly everywhere I go, it seemed natural to combine my passion for photography with my love of animals, and Cowgirl Shepherd Photography was born!

Sit down for a spell and browse through some of my images.  I'm happy to work with animals of every shape and size.  

Preparing Your Pet

Of course we want your pet to both look and feel it's best for it's photo shoot!  A few quick tips to help make this a good experience for both of you:

*Especially if you're booking a shorter session, take your dog for a walk before the shoot to help burn off a little excess energy.  Same for your horse (or cow or goat or...well, whatever.)  New people, new locations, new situations...even the most seasoned veteran can be distracted now and again, so best to give yourself a little extra time to settle everyone down before the camera starts snapping.  Of course, sometimes the settling down can make for the more interesting photos!

*If special grooming is needed, such as taking your dog to the groomer, it's best to do it a day or two before the photo session.  Doing it the day of tends to add a little stress, which is something we really don't need.

*Your pet likely has it's favorite treats or toys at your home.  If you're bringing your pet to my place, or if we're shooting on location, please bring both!  While I do travel with toys and treats, you know your pet best, and if you feed a special diet we don't want to mess with it.