Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wild Child

 A wee bit over four years ago, something really special happened here.
A foal was born.
An adorable, sweet, pinto filly with half a butterfly on her neck.
 Her mother had been gathered from the Paisley Desert in Oregon.
We held a naming contest for the filly, and the winning name was
Paint Me Paisley.
 Paisley was raffled off, via Mustang U, to a young girl who lived here locally.
This year, I was contacted by her mom to say that life was so busy...
and would I like to take Paisley back?
She had been sat on, but nothing more, in terms of being saddle broke,
but was quite easy to get along with, they told me.

I said, of course, YES!
I mean, why wouldn't I?  
She needed a new home, and I wanted to be sure it was the right one.

Paisley was just as sweet as I remembered her
She'd not been in a horse trailer since I'd hauled her over
there at the age of five months.
But she didn't hesitate to follow me back into the trailer.
Okay, she hesitated...but then she climbed right in.

Paisley quickly caught on to being saddled and bridled, 
though I believe it had been done a time or two before.
She had no problem with me climbing on, and while she was VERY lazy,
within a couple of rides we were trotting circles in the round pen.

Paisley is so laid back that I felt she'd be an excellent family horse.

And then I saw Wild Ones Youth Ranch.
Paisley would be, in my opinion, a terrific fit!

So I contacted them, and yes, they said, she would be more than welcome.
I am so very happy that this is happening.  

But I need your help.

We need, somehow, to get Paisley to her new home.
It is a 400 mile journey, one way.  For me to haul, double that.
I will need help covering the cost of fuel, 
or to find drivers willing to help transport her.

If you can help out financially, please click the paypal link provided 
and enter your donation amount.  
Anything is appreciated!


For those who contribute $50 or more, I will send an 8x10 portrait of

Thank you so much for your support!

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